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Who’s who in Digirail: Oskari Forsblom, enterprise architect

More introductions to the people behind Digirail! This time, we are introducing enterprise architect Oskari Forsblom. How long have you been working on the project? How did you end up with Digirail? I joined the project in October 2021, in the early stages of the development and verification phase. I’m a qualified IT architect. Before […]

Working together towards the rail transport of the future: The Digirail development and monitoring group has started its work

How to achieve the maximum social benefit from Digirail, and what types of actions or decisions are required? Among other things, these questions will be addressed and resolved by the new Digirail development and monitoring group, which includes representatives from several different railway industry actors. Digirail is a necessary replacement investment that will renew train […]

What kind of infrastructure information is needed in Digirail?

Digirail’s working group for infrastructure information handles and resolves issues related to infrastructure information. There are currently several entities in process, including matters regarding ATO and ETCS. How are infrastructure information issues dealt with in practice?  How has the work been progressing so far? Into what kind of subsets has the infrastructure information been divided? […]

Who’s who in Digirail: Tuukka Varjoranta, Test Engineer

More introductions to the people behind Digirail! This time, we are introducing Test Engineer Tuukka Varjoranta. How long have you been working on the project? How did you end up with Digirail? I started in the Digirail project in the summer of 2021 after I began working at Proxion in the team that was then […]

Field testing has started on the Kouvola-Kotka-Hamina track section

A test locomotive equipped with the European Train Control System will be driven on a closed track section on the Kouvola-Kotka-Hamina line. The purpose is to test the functionality of both the onboard and trackside equipment as well as the traffic control systems. The test track provides experience on ETCS operation in an actual railway […]

The planning for the construction of the EKA track section is progressing on schedule – important lessons learnt are being collected for the benefit of the next planning phase

In the construction planning of the EKA track section, the planning areas are divided into three different entities; Kokemäki-Rauma, Kokemäki-Mäntyluoto and Mäntyluoto-Tahkoluoto as well as Lielahti-Kokemäki. The project is unique, as a lot is being done for the very first time. An example of this is the connection of level crossings to ETCS.   The […]

Who’s who in Digirail: Cybersecurity expert Antti Alestalo

More introductions to the people behind Digirail! Our guest is cybersecurity expert Antti Alestalo. What is your job, and what is your role in the Digirail project? I am a cybersecurity expert. My team is working on cybersecurity design for the Digirail project. This covers a wide range of areas, beginning with specification definitions for […]

Interested in doing your master’s thesis in the Digirail project?

We are looking to hire two thesis workers in the ‘technical entity’ area of responsibility within the Digirail project. Fintraffic employs more than 1,100 top professionals across four modes of transport. We wish to contribute to Finland having the safest, smoothest and most environmentally friendly traffic in the world. We actively develop digital solutions for […]