Why Digirail?

The railways of the future need a modern and cost-efficient solution for securing the competitiveness of railway traffic.

More environmentally friendly rail traffic
More capacity and greater cost-effectiveness
Improved operational reliability and safety
New growth platform for services

From preparations to decisions!

The Digirail project has Digirail is aiming for safe and efficient rail traffic. The Digirail report, published on 2 July 2021, provides information about forthcoming upgrades to technical railway systems. The Digirail project is progressing from the preparatory to the practical phase, as digital access control systems are now being built and piloted on railways.

Digirail is a significant investment in rail transport
Digirail is aiming for safe and efficient rail traffic
Digirail will test new solutions based on 5G data transfer

The Digirail project was launched in 2019. The project’s analysis phase ended in April 2020, and was followed by a preparatory phase that ran from August 2020 to April 2021.
Its development and verification phase began in early autumn 2021.

Taking the journey together

In addition to these actors, many other organisations, experts and partners that provide supporting functions are involved in the planning of Digirail.


Digirata etenee allianssimuodossa! Väylävirasto ja Fintraffic ovat tänään allekirjoittaneet sopimuksen Digirata-hankkeen allianssiprojektin toteuttamisesta. ⁦@vaylafi⁩ ⁦@Fintraffic_fi⁩ ⁦#digitalisaatio #allianssiprojekti #rautatiet https://digirata.fi/digirata-etenee-allianssimuodossa/

Digirata vahvistaa koko rautatiealan osaamista! Hanke on Suomen mittakaavassa haastava ja iso kokonaisuus. Tämä vaatii hankkeessa toimivilta monenlaista osaamista – paljon myös uudenlaista. ⁦@Fintraffic_fi⁩ ⁦@vaylafi⁩ ⁦@lvmfi⁩ #osaaminen https://digirata.fi/digirata-vahvistaa-koko-rautatiealan-osaamista/

Digiradan pilottivaihe toteutetaan Tampere-Pori-Rauma-rataosalla. Rakentamisvaihe ajoittuu vuosille 2025-26. Vuoden 2026 Q3:lle ajoittuu käyttöönottovaihe. #digitalisaatio #pilottirata #tulevaisuus #rautatiet https://digirata.fi/digiradan-pilottivaihe-toteutetaan-tampere-pori-rauma-rataosuudella/



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