Why Digirail?

The railways of the future need a modern and cost-efficient solution for securing the competitiveness of railway traffic.

Increasing environmentally friendly railway traffic
Increased capacity and cost-efficiency
Improved safety and reliability
New opportunities for developing services

What is the object of the survey?

The Digirail project has three starting points. Decisions on implementation will be made separately according to the results of the survey.

The possibilities of digitalisation as a cost-efficient solution
Connection with the European Railway Traffic Management System (ERTMS)
Replacing the current automatic train protection system

Taking the journey together

In addition to these actors, many other organisations, experts and partners that provide supporting functions are involved in the planning of Digirail.

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The first phase of the survey began in May 2019. We will be reporting on the results in March 2020. News on the project will also be published on this website.



  • Establishment of the Steering group
  • Project management and supporting functions begin
  • General objectives set


  • The project group starts working
  • Review of international projects


  • Planning and resourcing of sub-projects
  • Preparation of a common Big Room
  • Analyses for the rolling stock sub-project


  • First reviews of railway and telecommunication technologies
  • Concretising the objectives for the future demands


  • International benchmark comparisons
  • Preparation of supporting material for the judicial and regulatory point of view


  • Focusing the project based on the results of the interim report


  • Alternatives for financing and tendering models
  • Analyses of international projects
  • Guidelines for railway and telecommunication technologies


  • Final reports on technologies and rolling stock
  • In-depth look at the future demands and economical analyses sub-project
  • Market info for consultants and other target groups



  • Final report on financing, tendering models and judicial aspects
  • Drafting of the final report begins
  • Presentation at the RATA 2020 seminar


  • Finishing the final report, last realease train


  • Summation of the final results and conclusions of the entire survey project


  • Delivering the final report to the Minister of Transport and Communications
  • Announcing the results to the public


Suomi on sitoutunut puolittamaan liikenteen kasvihuonekaasupäästöt vuoteen 2030 mennessä. Digitalisaatio ja parempi junatarjonta tukee siirtymää kestävään liikenteeseen. Rautatieliikenteen osuuden kasvattaminen on myös EU:n laajuinen tavoite. #Digirata #ilmasto

Bekanta dig med den omfattande utredningen om moderniseringen av tågkontrollen. #Digirata-utredningen har genomförts i samarbete mellan @lvmfi, @vaylafi, @TrafficFinland, @Finrail, @TraficomFinland, @VRuutiset och @HSL_HRT.

🔗 https://www.lvm.fi/sv/-/mot-digital-och-smart-jarnvagstrafik-1036033

Kohti digitaalista ja älykästä rautatieliikennettä

#Digirata-selvityksen ovat toteuttaneet @lvmfi, @vaylafi, @TrafficFinland, @Finrail, @TraficomFinland, @VRuutiset ja @HSL_HRT.



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