The Digirail project employs a unique combination of experts who have both a great love for the railway sector and a burning desire to renew it. Our experts are working together – across borders and tracks – to find solutions for modernising Finland’s train control system. Their ongoing development work will have a major impact on the future of rail traffic. Our goal is for goods and future generations of passengers, both young and old, to be able to travel by train safely, smoothly and ecologically.

Digirail’s mission is to modernise the technical systems associated with train control on Finland’s railways. Train control ensures that trains, passengers, personnel and goods all reach their destination safely and smoothly. It monitors speed limits and compliance with signals using equipment installed both in trains and on tracks. The current system is now nearing the end of its lifecycle,  but the Digirail project will provide us with low-latency digital information about train movements that will enable us to utilise the track network more efficiently.

Rail commuters will be delighted by the more frequent departures, which will give them more freedom to choose how they travel to work. Better onboard services and an improved wireless network will also increase travel and working comfort. Holidaymakers travelling long distances to visit relatives can rest easy in the knowledge that the journey will go smoothly and to schedule.

Seamless cooperation and teamwork has been the driving force behind our project from the outset. Although our experts come from many different background organisations, in the Digirail project we are all part of the Digirail team. Our ambitious project is powered by a close-knit team of people who are all travelling to the future on the same train to the same end station. This journey will take decades, but our common destination is clear: smart, digital rail traffic that has been created in Finland’s best interests.

This desire to create the best for Finland unites our team of Digirail experts. As this is a long-term project, the composition of our team will change along the way. New experts will jump onboard our train, and we’ve reserved them an upstairs seat with a scenic view of our joint learning journey. It’s said that “cooperation is the beginning and root of wisdom”, and our project does indeed serve as a platform for a broad range of collaboration and development work.

Each one of our experts brings their own particular expertise to Digirail. In return, we want to help our committed experts to develop their competence, so that our people can keep abreast of the times and find all kinds of meaning in their own expertise. We use agile methods in our development work and encourage our creators to forge a culture of experimentation. Seamless cooperation, openness and sharing information will be key factors in our joint learning journey. We are, after all, creating the railways of the future and that will involve brand-new technologies.

During the Digirail project, our party will be travelling into the future – and even into the unknown. That’s why we must have the courage to tackle challenges, break boundaries and step out of our comfort zones. Our ambitious project can only succeed if we genuinely work as a team. When we help our colleagues to succeed, we help the whole project to succeed. Welcome to our travelling party!