We employ a unique group of experts who have a passion for the railway sector and its reform. Together, our team of experts is finding solutions to modernise the Finnish train control system. With the ongoing development work, we will have a strong impact on the future of rail traffic.

From the very beginning, our driving force has been the seamless cooperation and team effort between the Digirail team. Our experts come from many different background organisations, but in the Digirail project, we are all specifically Digirail people.

Behind our ambitious project there is a group of people pulling together, travelling into the future on the same train, where everyone shares the same terminus. After a journey of a few decades, the destination is digital and intelligent rail traffic, created together to benefit Finland.

The Digirail team is united by a desire to create the best solutions for Finland. Our project is long-term, so our line-up will change along the way. New experts will come onboard from intermediate stations, and we have reserved seats for them on the upper floors of the carriages, so they will have the best views during our joint learning journey. It is said that cooperation is the beginning of wisdom, and our project does serve as a platform for many types of development and cooperation.

Each of our experts brings their own special expertise to the Digirail project. In return, we want to ensure the development of the competence of our committed experts, so that our people are constantly up to date and find diverse meanings for their own expertise. We use agile methods in our development work and encourage our employees to engage in a culture of experimentation. Seamless collaboration, transparency and knowledge sharing are key elements on our shared learning journey. After all, we are creating the railway